ECG is a representation of electrical activities of heart. To interpret these readings, you need intellectual skills, effort, dedication, and commitment. Many people spend hours to know about ECG interpretation of different cases. You can learn ECG interpretation in 2 different ways pattern recognition and understanding electrical activities recorded on ECG.

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The following are few steps that help you to understand ECG interpretation in easy way.

Learn Basics of 12-Lead ECG tracing

For good foundation, you must know the essential parts of ECG tracing including complexes, intervals, and different waves. Also, know about P waves, time required for entire ECG tracing, and to represent both small and big box.

Determine axis and heart rate

You can get a clue of unusual pathologic states with the axis like QRS complex on ECG. Also, know about the causes of right axis and left axis deviations, and indeterminate axis. To remember them easily know quick shortcuts.

You should have knowledge to determine tachycardia and bradycardia heart rate. Apply these techniques when determining atrial rate, P wave rate, ventricular rate, and QRS complex rate.

Examples of heart rhythm are:                                               

Transmission delays

Know about transmission delays of electrical impulse like SA node, AV node, ventricles, or atria AV block 1st degree, AV block 2bd degree type 1, and so on. ECG tracing also provides information about muscle cells of heart.

Learn everything such as Atypical findings on ECG, and take ECG quizzes to become thorough with the topics. If you can see a case personally, then you can remember ECG findings easily. So, practical classes are more important to learn and remember everything.

You can even teach about ECGs to your friends or others to improve your skills. Review the topics whenever you get time, by reviewing again and again you will be able to memorize every topic and ECG findings in detail.

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