It is no news that the mind of a preschooler is as carefree and curious as they come. It is almost as if they exist in a reality of their own. What can we say? They are just being what they are – kids. Nonetheless, the onus falls on parents and other caretakers to steadily ease them into what society holds for them and back them up with the right mindset. However, instilling a sense of responsibility into kids can be quite a hassle. At our Olney daycare location, we have highlighted ways to foster a profound sense of responsibility in your kid right from their formative years! Read on to find out!

1.   Start with basic tasks.

Firstly, you have to be aware that there is a limit to your preschooler’s mental prowess as they are still young and budding. Therefore, to get results, you must start from the very fundamentals of the lesson you intend to pass. For example, rather than start with some complex domestic task, telling them to put stuff like toys away after use could suffice. Similarly, you should ensure that the tasks you assign are right for their age. Refrain from burdening your preschooler with a task that is ideally meant for someone way older. Here at our Olney, MD daycare location, we understand how important this is and adopt it in our activities.

2.   Adopt a Routine

To make your training effective, ensure that you adopt a routine and stick to it. Why? The more often (and consistently) you train your kid, the more likely your lessons are to be ingrained in their mind. Routine behavior also emphasizes the importance of the message you are trying to pass across. In time, your kid learns the importance of your message and adopts it relatively quickly. A child who is always instructed to put away his toys after use is more likely to adopt such behavior than one who only gets instructed once in a while.

3.   Cut them some slack; praise them more.

You should not be fixated on perfectionism when dealing with kids. Now and then, they will mess up, and that is normal. You should cut them some slack. In addition, try to heap praise on them when they get things done right. Let them know that they are being appreciated for pulling off assigned tasks. Positive reinforcement generally works wonders – even more for little kids!

4.   Have a Practical Approach

Your kid will quickly develop a sense of responsibility if you are practical. Kids are less fond of theoretics, especially at their age. They can barely read well at this stage too. Therefore, they are more inclined to learn and model their behavior after things they see and can relate to. Also, adopt vibrant, colorful teaching methods. You should also ensure that you phrase your words positively, with the right attitude. If not, they could pick up on the wrong cues, and there won’t be significant progress.

At our Olney daycare location, we adopt an all-encompassing approach to childcare while keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated. If you want to have your kid enjoy the best possible services in your absence, contact the Olney, MD daycare  today!