It’s hard to deny the level of physical and mental stress that teachers must endure, regardless of their classes’ grade level or student count. Many would assume that the stresses of a teacher’s day end when they leave the classroom. However, that couldn’t be any less true. For teachers at the high school grade level, for example, there’s a lot of time that must go into developing a lesson plan fit for their students. Couple that with the commitment that must be demonstrated to teach that lesson plan and have students take away the valuable information and it’s clear that teachers will rarely ever have it easy, even outside of the classroom. Despite how much work goes into ensuring students get the most out of a particular class, teachers often report that they have insufficient resources provided to them by their schools. These lack of resources, coupled with the lack of time for oneself, can result in burnout. With current levels of burnout in this profession being high, in addition to little being done to subvert it, teachers are left with the responsibility of self-care to keep their health in check. With the help of the information found in the resource supported alongside this post, teachers can better utilize their time away from the classroom to practice self-care. Check it out for some more helpful strategies!

Teacher Self-Care 101

Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering educational materials designed for the k-5 reading programs level.