Whether you choose to obtain a college degree before entering the job field or pick up a trade right after high school, there are many career paths you can choose. Salary is an important factor because the amount of money you make dictates your style of living, but the ultimate deciding factor as to which career is best for you is what you enjoy doing. Here are three reasons you should pursue your passion as a career.

You’ll Enjoy Working

Many people dread going to work on Monday and live for the weekends. You may become one of these people if you don’t truly enjoy your job. If you’re like Nicholas Otto-Bernstein, a passionate filmmaker striving to build a name for himself in the industry, you want to choose a career that satisfies you in every way.

If you like what you do every day for a job, you won’t dread going to work every day. You’ll get to earn a living doing something you enjoy. It’ll make your days go by much more quickly. While there may be certain tasks and assignments that you don’t enjoy as much as others, if you like what you’re doing overall, you’ll enjoy going to work each day and won’t count the hours until you get off in the afternoon.

You’ll also be more likely to keep your career instead of changing it. This means that you can gain more experience and qualify for better positions within your company.

You’ll Have a Chance To Sharpen Your Skills

Getting paid to do the things you love is a great way to drive your career ambitions. Instead of working on your hobbies or pursuing your passions on the side, you’ll get to sharpen your skills at work. For example, if you love photography and choose to make a living as a photographer, you’ll get to learn about and practice new techniques while you work. You won’t be limited to practicing your skills outside of work hours.

An additional bonus is that the better you are at your craft, the more money you stand to make. As you enhance your skills, you’ll increase your professional value so that you’re more valuable to other companies. You may be eligible for more prestigious, higher-paying positions because you’ve honed your craft.

You’ll Make Stronger Connections

Regardless of what type of job you have, making connections is important for growing and enriching your career. Networking is important for building a good business or finding better career opportunities. If you truly enjoy the industry you work in, you have something in common with other people in the field. This shared interest allows you to make both personal and professional connections with the people you work with. Your business relationships will feel more genuine if you connect with people over a shared passion.

When it’s time to choose a career path, it’s always best to choose job opportunities you will enjoy. These three reasons should convince you to pursue a career that involves your passions.