Kindergarten, or pre-school as it is also known, is a child’s first introduction to the education system, and as you would expect, nursery schools each have their own unique approach to early learning. There are no one-size-fits-all with nursery schools, so you need to do a little research into the institution’s learning objectives. In order to help you find the right nursery school, here are the key components to a good early learning program.

  • Mission Statement – This would outline the school’s beliefs regarding early learning education, and would mention aspects such as, every child has the right to express themselves in a suitable way, plus the statement should mention that children learn best through hands-on, experiential learning. The best nursery in Bangkok, for example, has very clearly defined learning objectives in their mission statement.
  • Dynamic & Engaging Curriculum – Young children should learn through, touch, taste, sight, sound, movement and language, and the ideal curriculum would use these tools accordingly. Song, dance, art & movement would make up a lot of the daily activities, and there would be many learning resources freely available for the kids to use.
  • Qualified Staff – It is essential to have a team of several qualified early learning teachers, and they would oversee a group of novice child carers, who are an essential part of the team. The school principal would be very experienced and would provide the direction that the team needs, as well as the necessary resources.
  • Secure Facility – Access must be controlled, and with a safe play area inside and out, plus CCTV everywhere, the kids are able to safely explore their environment. There should be a soft room inside, plus a play area outside, and all the classrooms would be full of learning resources, with the children’s work visible on the walls.
  • Parental Participation – Ask any professional educator and they will happily confirm that parental participation is a must, especially at nursery level. By talking to the parents, you can get a clear idea of how things are done at the school, and you should be actively encouraged to talk to your child’s teachers. There should never be a “them and us” culture at a school, and with parents and teachers meeting often, everyone is on the same page regarding the children’s progress and development.
  • Instilling a Love of Learning – This should be a goal for every early learning program, and the kids should always be having fun, while learning how to learn, and experiential learning allows the child to develop at their own pace. A child who likes to learn will go a long way, and every good nursery program should have this on their list of priorities.

If you are looking for the right nursery program for your child, start with an online search and then narrow down the list by browsing websites, until you are left with those that seem to warrant a visit.