Websites for educational institutions have a big role in catering to existing students and new applicants. In the digital age, e-learning is a reality, and institutions like schools, universities, and colleges are embracing the idea in many ways. In case you are trying to figure out how to build a website for educational institutes, we have a few tips, trends, and ideas for your help!

  1. Structure the design

If you have figured out the platform/CMS you want to use, the next step is to find a scope for the project. The structure of a website is particularly important, and it has to be decided in a way that the portal remains agile and flexible for future expansions.

  1. Simplicity and not minimalism

Minimalism might be the current flavor, but for educational institutes and websites related to e-learning, the idea is to focus on more simplicity. You want a design that’s easy to navigate and browse. In short, it is okay to play with the design as required, as long as simplicity and functionality are not impacted.

  1. Rely on visual effect

Typically, most educational institutes share information through their portal, and often, this may mean more of text content. Regardless of how the text and written content is presented, it can look boring. To break the wheel, the best idea is to incorporate images, videos, animation, and infographics, which will add more aesthetic value to the design.

  1. Make the most of the font

The font for any educational institute website has to be readable and professional. You don’t want to use a font that’s too complicated in any way, or may dilute the impact of information. The color mix is typically borrowed from the branding information of the concerned institute, and the selected font should have some resemblance to that.

  1. Dividing in compartments

Remember that educational institutes need to cater to a large number of groups – interested applicants, teachers, tutors, parents, and existing students. Compartmentalizing the website is the best way to structure the website. If you check a few known and popular institute websites, you will realize that most of them have specific kind of content in a different page or tab.

Final word

It may take a while to find the theme for an educational portal, but the idea is to design a website that has mass appeal and would represent the institution without sounding too promotional.