Far too many people seem to fall into a career and spend decades of their lives doing something that they don’t really enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way. No matter where you are in life, it’s not too late to start thinking about what you really want to do and how you can get there. In thinking about which career is best for you, there are several things to keep in mind.

The first is to identify your passion. Too many people think that your passion has to be something unusual or artistic. This is simply not the case. Passions can be as different as people. If there is an occupation, you can be sure that there are people out there for whom it is ideal. Rather than thinking about what you should do, or what is the most stable or most lucrative career-wise, think about what excites you. If you like to play computer games for instance, perhaps you can become a game designer, or work for a company that markets them. If you like to organize things, you can start your own business as a personal organizer for people or businesses. These are just examples, and the options are endless.

Next, consider what sorts of things you like to do. What does your ideal day look like? Do you enjoy being around people, or would you rather be left alone to focus on your work? Do you want to work in an office, or would you rather be out on the road meeting with clients? Understanding the kind of work you like will go a long way toward helping you decide on the kind of work that is best for you, and just as importantly, help you eliminate things that don’t work for you.

Finally, think about where you want to work. The workplace has become more flexible than ever before. Perhaps you can work as a consultant from your home, or travel internationally. Maybe you enjoy a very structured and formal office environment, or perhaps you prefer to work as part of a team in a bright, open space. Determining the kind of location that you would like best will also help narrow down the best career choices for you.