Retirement is something we all have to deal with when that time finally arrives and as we are all unique individuals, people react to retirement in different ways. Some have eagerly awaited their last day at work for many years and have already planned for their retirement years, while others find it very difficult to make the transition, particularly those with a first responder occupation.

Change of Lifestyle

After more than 40 years of being punctual and ready for anything at any time, you are suddenly faced with a world minus routines and timetables. In many ways, first responder retirement involves finding a new passion in life, as without this, the retiree definitely feels that have lost a part of themself. It is important to spend time thinking about what you will do when you are no longer a slave to time and wherever your interest lies, you should pursue an interest of some sort.

Active Lifestyle

If you have led an active lifestyle all of your life, this should not change when retirement comes knocking, indeed, you finally have the time for cross-country running or sailing your small boat along the coast. You could immerse yourself in fishing, combining that with camping and take off for a few days, or finally get to use those golf clubs you bought years ago. Keeping active is an important aspect of retirement, with activities you really enjoy doing, then you will really appreciate rest and relaxation. You could take up mountain bike riding or invest in a set of golf clubs, to make sure that you are still active in your old age; the longer you are active, the less your body will degenerate, orso the experts say.

Keep in Touch with Former Colleagues

Just because you no longer work your colleagues, doesn’t mean you have to break off contact with them, indeed, they will want to know how you are and what you are doing with all that time. You should meet with colleagues on a social basis, as this keeps you connected to a way of life you have known for decades.

There are a lot of free online resources for retiring first responders and a Google search is the best place to start. You can become a member of retiree groups and make lots of new friends and share stories with other first responders who are also retired.