Many children struggle from the jump from GCSEs to A-levels, and they sometimes need additional help to get them up to speed. It may also be a question that your child’s exams are coming up, and they lack confidence, so you want to help them as much as possible. Whatever your reasons are, there is plenty of help available if you search for it, and the internet will show lots of online tutors you can consider using to help your child with their studies. Below are some tips to help you find the best online tutor that will give your child the best chance of success when it comes to their A-level exams.

Ask For Recommendations

The best place to start your search for a reputable tutor is by asking for recommendations. You can speak to friends, family members, and work colleagues for suggestions, but the best place to start is at your child’s school. Their teachers may recommend excellent tutors who can help your child, so this is an ideal place to begin your search. However, if you have no luck with recommendations, do not worry as it is simple to find a tutor using the internet.

The Type Of Tuition You Want

Before searching the internet for an A-level maths tutor online, you will need to decide whether you are happy with online tuition or prefer face-to-face teaching for your child. Some people learn best in a classroom with a tutor, while others work perfectly fine remotely from home with minimum supervision. Decide what your preference is, then start your search accordingly using the internet.

What To Look For Online For A Tutor

You must ensure that any tutor you choose for your child is reputable and qualified to teach, or you may be throwing your money away. Look for the subject or subjects your child needs assistance with and make a list of potential companies you can consider using. The UK government is bringing in an accreditation scheme that started in June 2021, with OFSTED now assessing online course providers to ensure their teaching quality. As such, you will want to look for ones that have accreditation once this scheme is up and running fully.

You will also want to look at the online reputation of tutors to see what previous students thought of their experience with them, and it is best to use independent review websites for this. You can gain plenty of insight into the effectiveness of a specific tutor’s techniques by reading these reviews, and it can help make the decision more straightforward.

Spend As Much As You Can Afford

You will find that the cost of an online tutor can vary depending on the level they are teaching and what company they are with, and if it is online or face-to-face. You will want to spend as much as you can afford to enhance your child’s education and give them the best chance possible to do well in their exams. Choose the best tutor or company you can afford, and if you need to tighten your belts a little to get the funds, it is an investment that is worth doing.