When you are studying at school, you will need to have an idea of what career you want to have when you leave full time education. There are many excellent careers you can consider, such as looking at getting into applied software engineering. You will want to select a career that interests you which will make working much easier and make you happier. Below are some of the careers you can consider getting into that will give you an excellent career.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is an excellent career for you to consider, and it is a career for life. There is a high demand for qualified software engineers, and there are many industries you can get into with this career. As we become more reliant on technology and computers, the demand for qualified and exceptional software engineers will increase. If you want a job with longevity and pay well, a career in software engineering may be the best choice for your circumstances.

IT Security

Another sector where there is a high demand for qualified and skilled people is working in the IT security industry. As we do more and more things online, some unscrupulous people look to steal data, which can be highly valuable. There is an increasing demand for qualified IT security professionals to help keep company systems and data safe from hackers and other people who may try to steal them. A career in this industry will mean you are never short for work, as there are more jobs within this industry than people who have the necessary skills.

Web Development

Another IT-related career that may interest you and is a high-demand skill is becoming a web developer. There are around two billion websites online, and all these sites need to be built before they go live and require maintenance to keep them fully functional. There is an abundance of work available for a skilled web designer, so you will never be short of work if you are good at what you do. There are plenty of places where you can train and get the skills required to design websites, and it is also worth knowing how to do SEO to ensure the websites can get found online easily.

These are a few jobs you can consider that will give you a satisfying and rewarding career, but there are more you can consider. Select something that interests you, and you will find going to work every day is a much easier task.