Learn The Art of Screenwriting – Acquire The Secrets of Screenwriting

Ever wondered how screenwriters make a successful cinematic story in the world of film and television? well, this Inspirational Screenwriting course will share with you top secrets ways to writing a killer screenplay, it’s by an expert screenwriter, Paul Castro.  This course is split into 6 sections which cover over 26 Screenwriting topics using a video format – receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course to add to your resume. Online learning is very flexible (expiry dates may vary from course to course depending on the course provider).

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Overview – Learn The Art of Screenwriting – Acquire The Secrets of Screenwriting

Paul Castro the original writer of the Warner Bros. hit movie, AUGUST RUSH.He is a produced, award winning screenwriter and world-renowned screenwriting professor. Success leaves clues and so do masterfully crafted screenplays that sell for millions of dollars.

20 brisk segments.

Professional screenwriting techniques

Plot development for the big screen

Creating compelling characters to attract movie stars

Winning dialogue

Structure to serve as the blueprint for your movie

Scene construction to evoke suspense

Sequence writing to manage an ensemble cast

Good movie idea to writing a great feature film screenplay!

And so much more!

Entertainment industry professionals celebrate Paul Castro:

“A truly inspirational experience. I left Paul Castro’s class more prepared.Invaluable!” Rick Rapoza. Sold his script for $500,000.

“What clearly resonates with me is Paul’s love for and dedication to his students and to storytelling. He is a composed and practical artist and teacher, yet highly imaginative in his approach.”Michael Eisner, Former CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

“Paul Castro teaches screenwriting from the inside-out.”Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairperson.

“Paul Castro is exceptionally skilled at his craft.”Bill Badalato TOP GUN, MEN OF HONOR.

“Paul is one of the best screenwriters I’ve known in my 50 plus years of movie-making.”Oscar winner, Shirley Maclaine

“RUNNING WITH GOD… Spectacular writing!”Oscar-nominated Terrence Howard, IRONMAN, AUGUST RUSH.

“Paul Castro teaches with elegant style.” Sean Astin, LORD OF THE RINGS.

“I was taken with his understanding of cinematic writing.”Ross Greenburg, Producer MIRACLE.

“Clear and concise offering aspiring screenwriters the tools necessary to go from baby screenwriter to working professional. I am forever grateful.”Yule Caise, HEROES

“Paul is simply one of the best I’ve worked with.”

Don Ranvaud, CITY OF GOD

Who is the target audience?

  • First-time screenwriters and professionals will greatly benefit from this series.

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to sculpt a full-length feature film screenplay.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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