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This online course is designed to introduce you to the Swedish language, you will learn about pronunciation skills and build your Swedish vocabulary. This course is split into 2 interactive modules which cover over 5 Swedish topics with an assessment at the end of the course. Online learning is very flexible, take as much time as you want(expiry dates may vary from course to course depending on the course provider).


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Overview – Learn Swedish Online Free Course

Swedish is spoken by over 10 million people in Sweden and is mutually intelligible in neighbouring countries such as Finland, Norway and Denmark. The Swedish language is descendent of Old Norse which was the common language of people living in Scandinavia during the 8th to 11th centuries known as the Viking Era.

Swedish has a proud tradition in literature and the arts, and today Sweden has a thriving modern economy with important trade links throughout Europe. In this free online Swedish language course, you will learn the basics of Swedish grammar and be introduced to word order in sentences, verb formation, and the use of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.

You will also learn important pronunciation skills and build your knowledge of vocabulary. This free course will be of interest to all business professionals who are conducting business in Sweden or other Scandinavian countries and who feel they would benefit by learning the basics of the Swedish language, and to all learners who would like a greater understanding of this important Northern European language.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the use of nouns
  • Practise pronunciation skills
  • Learn the use of pronouns
  • Understand word order in sentences
  • Learn the use of adjectives
  • Build your Swedish vocabulary



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