How To Create Pixel Art For Games

This online course is designed to help new pixel artists sharpen their skills and to improve the visuals of any game. This course is split into 10 sections which cover over 47 Pixel Art topics using a video format – receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Online learning is very flexible (expiry dates may vary from course to course depending on the course provider).

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Overview – How To Create Pixel Art For Games

This course teaches the basics for creating video game pixel art. Students will learn about shapes, values, edges, color theory, creating a basic palette, and animation.

If you are new to art or pixel art and want to create better art for your indie games then this course is for you.

It will take roughly 8 hours to complete this course.

This course contains step by step video lectures, quizzes for important section information, and challenges to help students improve their pixel art outside of the video lectures. Practice is key in art and you will get a good amount of practice as you complete this course.

This course will strengthen your foundations in art and pixel art. It will build your confidence in your art and give you the information you need to continue improving your pixel art even after completing the course.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone looking to learn more about pixel art
  • This course is designed to help people who don’t see themselves as being artistic
  • This course is especially good for new indie game designers looking to improve the visuals of their games
  • This course is NOT for experienced pixel artists

What Will I Learn?

  • Use shapes, values, and edges to create form
  • Create a basic palette using color theory
  • Animate their art using key frames, big motions, little motions, and motion blurs


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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