The proportion of Chinese students going to the United States to study undergraduate and master’s degrees is actually similar. However, the proportion of undergraduates who are persuaded to retreat is 44.49% more than that of graduate students, which is higher than the sum of the remaining degrees. Undergraduates who transfer from domestic universities are the highest percentage of persuasion, and students who have experienced high school experience are better after entering university. Nowadays, the number of students who have transferred from China has increased year by year. These students are basically directly involved in the sophomore or junior majors. There is no familiar and buffered time, and they are accustomed to the undergraduate education model in the country. It is easy to keep up with academics.

According to statistics, 79.89% of the students who were dismissed were concentrated in American universities with a comprehensive ranking of 200 (US News ranking). Among them, most of the students who have been advised to retreat are concentrated in the top 100 schools, and the situation has been the same in recent years. I have to say that it is hard to apply for a famous school and it is even harder to graduate. The data shows that poor academic performance and academic dishonesty are the main reasons for Chinese students to dismiss, and 72.43% of students have interrupted their studies in the United States for these two reasons.

The so-called poor academic performance is mainly reflected in the low GPA. Basically, colleges and universities in the United States require undergraduates to have a GPA of no less than 2.0 and graduate students of no less than 3. If they fail to meet the standards, they will receive a warning from the school. If there is no improvement, they will be dismissed. Among them, the lack of English ability is also the main reason for the low GPA of international students, which requires special attention. Can’t understand, can’t understand, can’t write, how can I study hard? The academic dishonesty includes more content: in addition to cheating on exams, writing on behalf of exams, as well as homework plagiarism, application materials fraud, non-standard references, and so on. This issue is also a cliché, but many students have been teaching it all the time. In fact, the academic integrity of Chinese students has even aroused the vigilance of some professors. Even if students do not act improperly in exams or homework, professors will be too strict with them.

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