Once you’ve made the decision of wanting to pursue higher studies in Canada, one of the next steps is to find accommodation. The prices of York University Housing varies from the type of accommodation that you are looking for, location and whether you plan to live alone or with friends. Following are some of the options that you could consider and make a choice based upon your preferences:

  1. Homestay:
    In a homestay, the Canadian families open their homes and welcome an international student to come and stay with them for the school year. This continues to be a popular choice among international students. The families are usually contacted by the school to host and welcome the international students. Living with a family has many advantages. If you aren’t confident about your command over the language or worry about adjusting, then living with a family will make it easier for you. There will be a furnished room, family meals and you will get to be involved in the family activities and community. Usually, the school would help you to find a family with similar interest and offer you the preference of amenities and location. The price usually varies depending upon the location. However, the average cost comes out to be between $400 – $800 CDN per month.
  2. Dormitory:
    A lot of schools and colleges offer accommodation near their campus to the students. These rooms are usually furnished and have a kitchen and bathroom which is shared with the other students. The rooms are also shared most of the time, but they are separated by gender. The meal plans are usually included in the cost of the room. Staying in the dormitory is one of the great options available as it lets you be more involved in campus activities and also meet other students from various background. The average cost of the dormitory ranges from $3,000 to $7,500 CDN per academic year.
  3. Renting an apartment:
    The option of renting your apartment is also quite viable. The range of rent varies from the location, especially in the major cities. Sharing the accommodation with other students can help to get the price down. In some cases, your school might also offer an off-campus housing service which would provide you with affordable accommodation near the campus. They will also help you to find roommates.

 A house is usually too expensive to rent alone, but with many students to share it does become a suitable option. There are self-contained units with kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The cost of heating, electricity, water and other bills should also come into play when planning the budget for your rent. The average cost of shared accommodation ranges from $250 – $700 CDN per month. The average cost of a suite is $400 – $1500 CDN per month.