Remote working has come to be the new normal since the pandemic has hit the world. Thanks to technological advancements and tools like zoom, we can smoothly run our education system as well as large companies amidst this Covid chaos. Work from home jobs make it easier for homemakers and college students to get a job. Since it would not require them to give up looking at the house or studies completely, it works as a great option.

Cities like Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. host a number of students who might find it difficult to make ends meet during the lockdown. Good work from home jobs in Kolkata or other respective places can help them cope with the situation. Also with companies letting go of their employees, some students might have to take up some of the responsibilities. If you too are looking for work from home jobs in Kolkata, click here. But before you go on with it, we would like to share some tips that could work in your favor when applying for jobs.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Before you rush into a site and start looking for work from home jobs in Kolkata take some time and think about the goals that you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or a full-time one, whether you plan to apply within your city, or do you plan to join office after the pandemic is over and such crucial questions must be answered. Once you know what exactly you want, you can shortlist the jobs that suit you and choose from among them.


Your resume is all that you have to prove your abilities. You may be great at something but a poor resume will hinder your chances as it is not possible for the employer to know your talents unless mentioned and proven in your resume. Work towards making a strong resume. For example, if you are good at writing, give links to websites you have written for or your own blog. Make sure that you mention all your achievements and strong points. A neatly organized resume gives a good impression.

Upgrade Skills

Upgrading your skills can help you strengthen your CV. The internet has no end to workshops, contests, etc. Keep an eye on events that pertain to your area of expertise and interest. However, make sure that you have only authentic certificates as it is easy to detect fake ones.

Build a Strong Network

Referrals and networking in social media work great for work from home jobs. Use your connections and draw off your network whenever you can to ensure that you come across great job opportunities and do not go unnoticed by hirers. It opens up your chances of trying at even better jobs at some later point in time.


The pandemic has witnessed an insane growth in freelancing work. This could be a great way of earning some bucks for college students without having to commit 6 or 7 hours a day. Freelancing or contractual work are found in plenty and with an impressive CV, you can manage to get gigs that are right in your forte.

Freelance or remote work jobs are best suited for college students who wish to make some money after or between classes. There are many work-from-home jobs in Kolkata but one must not forget about the competition. A lot of people look for such jobs and it is thus best to be prepared when entering the job hunting market. Make sure that you follow the above-given tips to grab one of the best paying work from home jobs available in the market.